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The King Salomon Healing Modality

This comprehensive healing series helps you to become the King or Queen of your own life!  This ancient, most powerful healing modality is capable of accomplishing in just 10 sessions results that would take many years to achieve with other types of healing modalities, therapy, counseling, or light work.

Holistic Integration

Experience Integration of the Spirit & Soul with the Physical Body

Physical Healing

Clear energetic blocks and imbalances allowing for deep physical healing

Expanded Energy Flow

Increase your ability to flow and conduct universal energy & light


The King Salomon Healing Modality is a series of unique healing sessions designed to be a complete healing of the soul and spirit; to accelerate spiritual progression; and to bring one to a state of high energy and balance, free from past obstacles and align you with your higher purpose. King Salomon traveled the world and studied in many lands. After many years of study, he returned home and brought together psychics, mystics, shamans, oracles and healers form all lands and spent 25 years developing this sacred modality!


The King Salomon Healing Modality is based on the simple principle that our imbalances and life obstacles are of a spiritual nature. Therefore they must be approached in a spiritual way. These imbalances continue to haunt us because we do not have enough energy to clear or release them in their spiritual aspect. The only way to do this is to gradually build up spiritual energy. This spiritual energy then supports the natural process as the instinctive intelligence of one’s spiritual nature takes over and naturally clears and restores itself to its original true self. As Humans we operate on three levels at all times: the Physical, the Soul and the Spirit. Each operating to its own set of rules—each interconnected. Most of us are only aware of the Physical Body and seek ways to meet its needs. Yet, nearly 70–80% or more of our energy is used just to get through the day! This leaves little energy left to meet the needs of our Soul and Spirit.

To meet these needs we focus on healing the soul body and spirit body. Life’s events are also experienced in the soul body and the spirit body. The inhibited expression of these incidents harms our soul and spirit bodies, impeding their ability to flow Universal Energies. This experience we call “feelings,” feelings of negative emotions, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, low vitality, unhealthy situations and relationships and much more. Over time the unexpressed negative feelings build up and create energetic residue. As we experience life we gradually damage and impair our soul and spirit bodies’ ability to flow Universal Life Force Energy as we once did. This energetic residue creates blocks of trapped or “stuck” energies that we live in and carry around with us. This result creates problems in our lives as we continually repeat the “patterns” of negativity trapped within the memories of energetic residue we’ve created. We re-create, re-live and thereby add to those negative patterns on an almost daily basis in what almost seems like a never-ending struggle to release or cleanse these patterns from our lives. Modern science does not yet understand this process!

By meeting the needs of the soul body and the spirit body we rapidly heal and progress in all areas of our life. True healing occurs when the damaged energy systems of the soul body and the spirit body are energized and aligned. They naturally draw upon enough Universal Energies to finally heal themselves of accumulated energetic residue. With enough energy flowing as properly intended as it once did we reclaim our true self and inherent sense of purpose.


The King Salomon Series is done as a series of 10 sessions. Each of the sessions includes a ritual washing and anointing ceremony, an assessment of 52 energy centers of the body, an Emotional Cord Cutting and a Life Activation. Once each of the following 9 sessions are complete, one of the sessions will be repeated, based on your specific needs.

When completed this series provides an overall revitalization of your entire being:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You are filled with a profound sense of inner peace, joy and personal empowerment.

This series is truly like nothing you have ever experienced before!

The Tree of Life Healing

The ten spheres in the Tree of Life, representing ten different aspects of God, are illuminated, balanced, and healed using a Tibetan bell.

The Seal of Salomon Healing

This technique uses sacred stones, healing symbols, and the potent energy of the Seal of Salomon to align and balance the body in accordance with the seven directions.

Tone Healing

Several of the 72 sacred names of God are toned into the very core of the client’s being. This modality harmonizes your chakras with the universal vibration of Life.

Aura Healing

Areas in the aura where energy from past or current traumatic experiences that have blocked the light are located, filled with light, and healed.


Purification by Light Healing

This modality removes foreign energies within the etheric field that have caused emotional pain and difficulty to function optimally.


Etheric Body Healing

The seven energy bodies formed during the phases of your physical growth are healed, ranging from the infant to the teenage to the etheric body.


Mental Body Healing

Thirteen sacred aromatic oils are used to awaken the regions of brain and bring you to enhanced state of clarity and peace of mind.


Starseed Healing

This distinctive healing utilizes crystals and sound tones to cleanse and harmonize your body’s energetic system, reorganizing the positive vibrations surrounding the body.

Unified Chakra Awakening

This session activates the complete chakra system of 2,418 points, unifying all the energies of the light body with the physical, enhancing your connection to your spiritual essence.


With King Salomon Healing Modality we return to our natural state and true self.

Benefits include:

  • Increases greater spiritual and physical awareness
  • Promotes self-confidence & inner strength
  • Increased mental and physical acuity
  • Accelerated spiritual & personal evolution
  • Increased understanding and mental capacity
  • Physical, mental, and emotional healing
  • Greater connection to the spiritual and the Divine
  • Increased emotional and physical stability
  • Heightened physical energy & vitality
  • Expanded capabilities to flow more energy
  • Realignment of your natural energy systems

To maintain the integrity of this lineage modality, there are specific guidelines for these healings. In order to participate, you must commit to the entire series.  Sessions last 1.5 – 3 hours.   It is imperative that the entire series is completed for this work to be complete and permanent.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I decided to receive the King Salomon Healing Modality with Aaron because the energy was right and it was time for me to achieve the next phase of my life.  My experience was very positive.  I am now able to move smoothly through my next phase of my life. It helped me clear the resistance that was holding me back.

KSHM is not something you can explain, it is something you need to experience for yourself.  Anyone ready to move forward in their life or just needs to clear the negative clutter in their mind that is not useful in their life should consider working with Aaron and receiving this series.”

Brenda, 30s

Healing Practitioner

“My joy in life is enhanced – more colorful, more sparkly. I thought before I was positive and strong and joyful, but now I am even more so of all of those.  I have a sense of purpose that I did not realize I was missing.

I can name 20 things easily that have physically improved.  If I were to start naming them, others who know me would definitely agree.  My knees, balance, strength, agility…I like my body better all the time!  I am physically stronger – my body is no longer an obstacle.  I wouldn’t say faster, yet, but I suspect that’s coming.”

Jenny, 60s


“I trust Aaron’s counsel and experience and he is a powerful, focused, committed, and humble practitioner.  He recommended the King Salomon Healing Modality series based on how quickly I was receiving so many new empowerments and teachings.  I have had a VERY smooth and stable integration of new energies along my path and I can attribute this in part to King Salomon Healing Modality.

Anyone who is on a rapid trajectory spiritually and is committed to a smooth and balanced integration of new energies should consider receiving this healing series.  Every session was re-energizing and balancing.  Any one of these would in itself have been valuable, and the consistent, longer-term approach of multiple sessions really helped me maintain stability.”

Adam, 40s

Tech Manager

Plans and Pricing

Invest in yourself with the finest comprehensive energy healing series available in the world today, from the ancient healing lineage of King Salomon!  We offer a convenient monthly payment plan, however save 10% for the best value with our full pay option.

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