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Path of Progression

In the Modern Mystery School, you have the freedom to go as far as you want, and follow the path that you feel is best suited to you. The training we offer takes you through a journey of initiations and classes. Depending on where you’d like to end up, and ultimately what you want to do, you simply follow the progression through the school and advance towards a more complete you!

How It Works

You start at the gold star, and begin your amazing journey of growth with a Life Activation. The Life Activation is a technique – thousands of years old – that literally activates your life, bringing in Light and empowerment, giving you the ability to move forward in both your day to day life and the progression.

From there you take the Empower Thyself program. This program is the cornerstone for everything we do in the Modern Mystery School. Here you gain a thorough foundation for study, growth, and empowerment. Once you take this program, you officially become a student of the Modern Mystery School!

This is followed by the Empower Thyself II program, where you will learn more advanced information, building upon what you already know from Empower Thyself I. This class is intended to intigrate a more complete understanding of the mysteries as well as give you applicable tools for daily use.

Once you’ve completed the Empower Thyself I & II programs, you move to the Know Thyself program. As one of the most ancient, and perhaps wisest, sayings of all time, you really take the time to learn about yourself during this class. You gain clarity and understanding of just what you’re here to do, and how you intend to do it!

With these three programs/classes you have a solid foundation. You’ve discovered yourself, your purpose, and your passions. And now you must choose what direction you want to go. There is no wrong answer! If you’re really ambitious you can travel down both paths!

The Healer’s Path

The Healer’s Path, as evident by its title, is all about healing. Through this path you learn techniques and powerful modalities to assist others in transforming their lives, as well as coming to an understanding of the integration between the human body and energy.

This path is extraordinarily rewarding as you serve others in a way that no one else can. Healers bring true joy, empowerment, and hope to everyone they work with – they have an impact that’s incredibly profound.

As of right now, the Modern Mystery School is offering training through its Healer’s Academy and Passion Academy. As we move forward into the future, however, we will be introducing the all new Indigo Academy and Teacher’s Academy (more information on them to be released later).

The Academies (Life Academies) each consist of various weeks of study. The Healer’s Academy, for example, is broken up into three 1-week programs. The first week is where you learn how to do Life Activations and become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner. Each week in an Academy you learn deeper, more complex, and more powerful modalities and information.

The Ceremonial Path

The Ceremonial Path is very important within the structure of the Modern Mystery School. Members who follow this path dedicate themselves to service 100% of the time to others. This path requires commitment and passion, and most importantly true transformation and joy. Those who choose to follow this path will be taught various methods and techniques on impacting the world around them on a day to day basis as well as training to serve in, and perhaps lead, various temples (Osiris Temple, Isis Temple, etc.) as well as a myriad of other things.

Tips for Success

Your success, no matter what you do, is always dependent on you and the work you put into it. While the Modern Mystery School strives to support all students with programs, further training, and specialized classes outside of this “progression” it is still the students responsibility to gain clarity and true understanding. How do you do this? Study and practice!

The information you will be handed down in our lineage is only information until it is applied. You can use everything in your daily living! Practice, over and over, is the best way to gain experience and a true understanding of the teachings. We also provide our students with a Recommended Reading list. These titles are useful as supplementary resources in studying and gaining deeper knowledge. The Hermetica (or Corpus Hermeticum – translation by Brian P. Copenhaver specifically) is especially useful and highly recommended to our students.