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About Aaron

9952626_origAaron is an initiated Teacher and a Guide Member of the Hierarchy of Light, a Kabbalist, a Celtic Shaman, and an initiated 3rd step Ritual Master in the direct lineage of King Salomon the Great.  He has travelled internationally to receive ancient lineage teachings and has walked the path of the initiate as an Adept, Teacher, and Guide, receiving the three levels of initiation given to us by the Hierarchy of Light through the Modern Mystery School.

With 9 years of teaching and experience in advanced healing specialties, Aaron is pleased to be able to serve his clients in their progression with high-level healings. He specializes comprehensie modalities handed down directly from the halls of the Temple of King Salomon, including Etheric Surgery, King Salomon Healing Modality (Physical Region), King Salomon Healing (Mind Region), and Spiritual Drug Detox.

As a Teacher and Guide, Aaron welcomes humanity on the path of their true divinity through the Empower Thyself class and Initiation into the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.  Aaron also offers a variety of core programs of the Modern Mystery School focused on spiritual awareness and personal empowerment.

Aaron is in high-demand for his highly specialized healing services and travels internationally on a regular basis to teach and supplement his learning and growth.  He is based in Austin, Texas where he lives with his partner, Vanessa Nova, who is also a Teacher, Healer, and Guide in the Salomonic tradition.

About the Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School has been likened to a University for the Soul, where the curriculum focuses on awakening and developing your highest potential, and on attaining divine awareness. Beyond merely teaching, the Modern Mystery School helps students refine conscious potential, build focus, and activate their innate powers through a series of programs, classes, initiations, ceremonies, and sacred meditations.

The school is an international spiritual training school, operating in 47 countries worldwide, offering advanced academies such as Healers Academy, Teachers Academy, and more.  The Western World Headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, and advanced international programs are currently being offered in the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, UK, and Japan.

About the Lineage & Founder

Lineage is a key and important factor in determining the legitimacy, integrity and authority that a true Mystery School holds.

The lineage of the Modern Mystery School (MMS) dates back to the times of King Salomon and has therefore, over 3,500 years of history and lineage. While the mystery school tradition is much older than that, the lineage of the MMS and its teachings can be
verified and traced back to the teachings of King Salomon himself.

Lineage, by definition, means a lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry or pedigree. The Modern Mystery School’s derivation is from an ancient tradition of sharing of knowledge from teacher to student, affirmed by the holy process of initiation.

The lineal and direct transfer of information in this fashion has preserved the virtue and honour of the mystery school tradition, which has held the secrets of God and the universe and keys to true spiritual power since the beginning of time. This wisdom and power is available to anyone who seeks it and is willing to honour it’s sacred nature by walking the Path of Initiation.

Initiation in combination with the unbroken lineage empowers the Adept to engage in the Great Work: creating a better world and living in alignment with their true potential and life purpose. The great masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Quan Yin and many more, have all walked upon the path of initiation in the mystery school tradition, which has enabled them to fulfill their promise to God while being here on this earth.


Watch a 1-hour interview with the founder and lineage holder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason.

All lineages have a main lineage holder. The lineage holder of the Modern Mystery School is Gudni Gudnason. For over 35 years, Gudni has studied in various mysteries all over the world including at the Mystery Schools of Tibet, Romania, Africa, as well as Egypt, India and others. He has been initiated into and obtained priesthood in various magickal traditions including Celtic, Norse and Egyptian among Kabbalistic and Hermetic in the Western Esoteric Traditions.

In 1996 Gudni was summoned to step into the leadership of the North American Mystery School and to open its doors to the public to serve as the only open Mystery School of the 7 great lineages, thus transforming a once secret society to the open-door organization you know today as the Modern Mystery School.