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Have you ever wondered if there was any secret to how some of the greats achieved their greatness? People like Leonardo da Vinci, Mother Teresa, and John Lennon expanded minds, touched hearts, and uplifted spirits with the passionate work that was unique to each of their soul’s purpose here on Earth. Mother Teresa, Leonardo, and Lennon all enhanced their paths in life by studying ancient secret knowledge with a mystery school.

In fact, many of the world’s greatest creative minds and enlightened beings have studied deeper esoteric and spiritual teachings and received initiations into the mystery school lineage. Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Nikola Tesla, The Beatles, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Carlos Santana… the list goes on and on of people who tapped into their greatest potential through the powerful tools of the Mystery School lineage and thus impacted hundreds upon thousands of people through their life’s work.

Because of the many shifts that are taking place on our planet today, the secret is now out.  It is time for the mystery schools to make the ancient sacred knowledge available to the public. In order for us to create Heaven on Earth in this day and age, we must all tap into our greatness, the divine that lives in each of us! Then we can live passionately to fulfill our unique purpose and then create community where we support each other to co-create our dreams.

As an “Indigo-generation” creative spirit and entrepreneur, I saw the potential available in the tools and teachings of the Modern Mystery School (MMS). I took them, and I ran, and I never looked back. I’ve found parts of myself I didn’t know even existed. Today, I am a jewelry designer, graphic designer, music producer, vocalist, women’s group leader, healer, teacher, and I’m currently in the process of planning several different businesses! Though I had my resistances and judgements at first, I was able to experience the transformation and breakthroughs I had been looking for after many years of sifting through the flood of information in the New Age, personal development, and self-help fields.

So, for all of you out there with creative gifts and artistic dreams, whether they are your career, a hobby, or a dream waiting for its first steps in manifestation, I want to share some of the powerful tools that the MMS has to offer, how they helped me, and how they can help you with your creative endeavors. Here is a short breakdown of only some of the amazing tools we can offer you.

Life Activation

This session is about 1 hour long, but can change your life forever. If you can imagine literally switching on all of the gifts and abilities you came here with, and dialing your life purpose up to the maximum, this is what you get out of the Life Activation. This session was used in ancient times to awaken priests and priestesses. We’re all gods/goddesses in training, so it’s time for us to awaken our divine blueprint. This is the first and essential step I recommend on the path of knowing yourself and awakening to your true power and potential.

Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation is an empowerment that will enhance your perception, awareness, and brain capacity. This modality has been used to initiate the lamas of Tibet! Of all the many healings, empowerments, and initiations I’ve personally experienced through the MMS, the Full Spirit Activation had the most noticeable and immediate impact on my consciousness and creativity. Within an hour of my session, I became feverish and had flu-like symptoms, something I’ve often experienced after an energetic adjustment or transformational experience. I was bedridden for 3 days with “flu”, during which I had the most amazing realizations and creative ideas flowing through me, pretty much non-stop. I kept a notebook by my side because it literally felt like a creative floodgate had been opened! My experience was unique, of course, and every one will react differently, but this activation made me feel superhuman!

Empower Thyself

If you could multiply the impact you have to positively influence those around you with your work, would you do it? The initiation you receive at the culmination of this 2-day class multiplies your light and impact on the world…TIMES TEN! After this class you go out into the world with the tools to work with the powers of heaven and the universe.

After I took this class and received the initiation, I felt that I had more spiritual back-up than ever before. It was a whole new world for me to explore, one where I had the foundation and tools for creating my reality. So many doors and creative realms have opened up for me since I said yes and took this step in 2007.

Sacred Geometry & Astral Travel

These two classes gave me more tools in my box to create more powerfully in the world. Sacred Geometry gives you the knowledge and tools to work with the energy in your space and bring in more spiritual energy to your creative work. I use these tools to this day in my studio and in my home to bring in light to all that I do. Astral Travel gives you a safe and effective technique to access all the information and inspiration in the known universe. The creative potential is limitless. I highly recommend both of these classes as a foundation for anyone who wants an evolving spiritual and creative lifestyle!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. I suspect my continued studies with Universal Kabbalah, the Know Thyself program (more on these later!), and deeper teachings I’ve experienced in the MMS would fill up an entire book. Though I am a teacher with the MMS today, I am an eternal student, with an endless rabbit-hole of self-discovery and teachings still to pursue. As a whole, my journey with the MMS has enabled me to be more than I ever imagined. From my personal experience, I believe that these healings and path as a whole can help anyone to:

* love what you do and do what you love
* feel more confident and capable
* enhance inspiration and creativity
* awaken unrealized gifts and talents
* release limiting patterns
* increase brain capacity & mental clarity
* clarify motivation, direction, and purpose
* put more soul/spirit into your work and life

It’s my hope that you’ll see the potential in these tools as I did. Most importantly I hope you’ll see the potential in YOU to live your greatest life and manifest your greatest creative dreams!

With Love & Blessings,