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Are you ready to change your life forever?

Take this step forward to 10 times more LIGHT & EMPOWERMENT this with this class & Initiation ceremony! This initiation helped us both tap into our true purpose and an accelerated path in life and we have not looked back since!

Join us for this power packed weekend and get all the tools you need to activate your highest potential in all areas of your life!

Empower Thyself: A Two Day Workshop that will change your life and the way you live it!

  • Unlock your true potential and divine self.
  • Receive sacred teachings and understand the universal laws and orders.
  • Awaken your spirit and align your will.
  • Expand your capacity tenfold to manifest and flow energy!
  • Experience real transformation and become the magician of your own life!


Throughout this 2 day workshop you will:

  • Be enlightened with wisdom about who the Hierarchy of Light are and What are the Spiritual Dimensions
  • Journey into your inner sanctuary
  • Awaken your senses
  • Discover hidden knowledge and universal truths
  • Be trained in Ancient Rituals and meditation techniques from the Lineage of King Salomon to unlock the keys to our self mastery
  • Understand the power of lineage
  • Learn to move and build Chi

Contact Certified Guide Aaron at 206.618.4638 today to discuss this powerful step forward in your life!