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Dear Family of Peace,

In these times we live in it has become crucial for us all to choose peace in our mind and to become compassionate about the world we live in, all of it. If we are to turn things around and have peace on earth, we must shift our mind and thoughts towards a healthy life, healthy condition of all things. This means Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human world alike.

To bring things back to homeostasis we all need to unite as a Family of Peace and in order to do that we need to get over the things that divide us, things like religion, politics, sports, personal opinions and personal philosophies that create division, in fact all dogma that creates “Us against Them”! We need to create a world community where we are ALL AS ONE and no one is more or better then anyone else. A world where we can be United as ONE!

During this year, we the Family of Peace of the Golden Pyramid of Peace NPO an affiliate of the Modern Mystery School, will focus our intention on good things and doing service to those who need us. We have fed hundreds of thousands of people in the affected are of Japan in the last year and we have done many projects like that in the Philippines, Dominican Republic and more in the last few years. We continue our efforts to assist the less fortunate and also our world mission of supporting the emerging paradigm so that we will and may go through that shift in a good way.

This year is a year of great shift for all humanity and we can see that clearly in the news and in society around us. It is the time for change and “The End Of The World As We Know It” is coming, and it’s a good things. The world “as we know it” is not that good so its time for a new one. We, the Family of Peace will celebrate this shift on May 5th by focusing our intentions on “One Light, One World and we ask that you all join us by simply lighting a candle in your window every night from now until May 5th or even longer. Our goal is to reach as many people with this One Light, One World philosophy and start the work towards World of Peace!

In Love and Light,

Gudni Gudnason,
Founder of the Modern Mystery School and
The Golden Pyramid of Peace.